Licensing and Partnering in Asia

We help our clients expand their licensing opportunities across the Asian region, particularly the Japanese market.

PharmaWave has a well-established contact base and direct access to relevant decision makers within Japanese pharmaceutical corporations, from large global firms to small companies focused on niche indications. We are able to effectively target our search based on our clients’ partnering criteria.

We provide comprehensive support throughout the partnering process:

  • Conduct market and opportunity assessments
  • Assist with developing regional- and country- specific partnering strategy
  • Review information package, presentation and other materials
  • Identify potential partners which match criteria
  • Initiate contact with key decision makers within shortlisted companies
  • Gauge level of interest and arrange roadshow if necessary
  • Encourage competition among potential partners
  • Provide due diligence support
  • Handle follow-up initiatives in order to advance partnering discussions, in close coordination with client
  • Facilitate deal structuring, negotiation and execution
Business Development

PharmaWave provides business development support to companies looking to broaden and enhance their pipelines.  We are retained by clients to search and evaluate licensing and acquisition targets for the Asian market, particularly Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.

We have developed an extensive network of industry and academic contacts across pharmaceutical and biotech companies, industry associations, technology transfer offices and other research institutions.